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  1. Hi guys,

    Love the show and your other show as well Victor.

    Can I ask what may seem to some a very silly question. Presently I have Campagnolo Nucleon 622x15C Wheels on my BELOVED Litespeed. I have Maxxis Relix 700x23c Silk Sheild tyres. I would like to change to Continental gator hardshield 25mm owing to the roads I tend to ride on. I do a great deal of training indoors on Wattbikes as I own a Boutique Studio here in beautiful Bonny Hills Austraila. I have done some research but when in doubt ‘ask the experts’ so what would you suggest? I am doing a 105 klm Annual Ride in Sydney on the 15th October and want to get the new tyres on and tried prior. Cheers, Joy

    • Joy

      Thanks for your support.

      The wider tires will fit and you will find a better ride with 25c tires. As far as the tire I would recommend, I like Schwabble tires, I think they have a nicer ride quality than the gator tires you mentioned. That said the Gators are excellent and extremely tough tires. Hope this helps

  2. renee shapurji says

    Had a 2 hour road trip yesterday and what a great time to catch up on all your podcasts. Learn and drive at the same time, can’t beat that. I particularly loved Improving Your Inner Drive. Wow, what a show!! I look forward to more of those and have shared through a posting at ICA, my cycling clients and many others as it is one whether you cycle or not. i’ve listened to it 3 times now for personal pleasure.

    Victor, i shared your quick tip audio on safety and unclipping with my husband as he recently began riding outdoors. One thought he had which i’m sharing is as a new rider be sure and have the bike shop adjust the clips on your shoes to be able to quickly and easily unclip. Sometimes the clips are initially put in so tight. He found that out the hard way and met with the pavement.

    thanks guys for all the wonderful information. Love the humor and fun you bring especially laughing with you in regards to “tires are round, not square.” I don’t ride outside a lot but i do learn and apply what you provide to my riders in classes when applicable.

  3. Tony Valenti says

    Hey Victor and Darryl … First off, you guys rock! Second, I commute about 3 hours a day to work and want to thank you for carpooling with me!! Lol. Truth is, over the last year I have lost 80 lbs. reaching my goal of 155 through diet and exercising. I am 56, have yo-yo’ed before and this time have been determined to add fitness workouts that I enjoy and change my lifestyle for the better. Not to get bored I am now up to 10 different workout routines for both strength and cardio. This is all new to me. So, I have added cycling since last November by getting two nice road bikes for my wife and I. We now both LOVE cycling and have reached a high of 28 miles, so far. We are still new-be’s, but I have been reading books, magazines, talking with friends and recently had the idea of looking for cycling podcasts. I searched iTunes and listened to a couple of others when I found you all. After listening to the latest one I was hooked and immediately downloaded ALL of them!! Then I went to the oldest and have listened to 2 to 3 a day. I love all the topics and have enjoyed you both, Coach Rob and your periodic guests. So my disappointment is I just realized that the weekly 40+ min podcast became monthly. My concern is how will I handle my Cycling 360 withdrawals after my marathon listening? Actually, this is meant as a big compliment! I will likely go back and listen to them all over again. Looks like Coach Rob is gone and wondering why. Anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for teaching us all about the world of cycling! Your commitment and passion is quite evident. PLEASE keep up the great work!

    • Thanks so much Tony. Let us know of any questions you have about cycling. Keep up the awesome riding!

  4. Declan Logue says

    Fabulous show guys, chapeaux !
    Thanks to the latest version of iTunes (11.1) which has just decimated my copies of your marvellous podcast (which are so informative and motivating that I do go back and listen again), I have just been into your archive to download (outside of iTunes !). However, the oldest one you have is show 24 (Women’s Cycling Racing). Is there any way I can get back before that, hopefully back to the beginning and show 1?

    Many thanks


    • I will see if we can come up with a solution


      • Bryan Davis says

        Same think happened to me after upgrading to a new iPad and version of iTunes. Can’t see any shows older than 24 months. Many of these podcasts are timeless. How can I get back to show 1 in the archive? Thank you.

        • Brad

          Thanks for listening to the show. Its not you its our feed. When the feed starts to get over 100 items it starts to clog up the servers. We will look into a work around to keep all of the shows in the itunes feed. You can however manually download the shows from our archive page.


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