Should you shave your legs?

This quick tip attempts to answer the question. Why do cyclists shave their legs?

Is it for performance? Ease of massage, or something else.

Listen to this quick tip and find out.


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  1. You completely ignored one of the most important reasons to shave. I have a pale complexion and live in a sunny area, so slapping on a layer of sunscreen is an everyday ritual. Sunscreen goes on shaved legs more evenly and in a fraction of the time.

  2. Great podcast. Humorous and enjoyable listening.. And I totally agree with your conclusion Victor

  3. I agree with Muddy J. I used to Tri and I am an avid cyclist(150-200 miles a week)and I find that my legs don’t over heat. I don’t crash that much on the road but off-road I have a few spills and having hair will make a difference. Just think of a tennis ball grabbing the pavement as it was just traveling 60mph. Your hair can make road and trail rash a lot worse. In the winter I don’t bother but I have found that in the summer it is essential. And yes it does look good. After all, guys were the first to shave their legs, not women.

  4. Chris Johnson says

    Victor, I just listened to your podcast on shaving legs. Thanks for taking my question. Great breakdown. Pretty amusing since I decided to take the plunge (before I knew you had responded via podcast) and shave because I would never be able to know for myself what is actually felt like if I didn’t. I didn’t overthink it and said to myself ‘It’s just hair, it will grow back.’ Well, I had some pretty hairy legs and it took some time and I got it done, but I couldn’t believe the pile of hair collected after first using the electric clippers then jumping in the shower for the final shave. The result, smooth legs that feel incredible! For me it’s the sensation of having the wind rush over my legs and it also feels a bit cooler on hot days. Anyhow, that’s my 2 cents worth. Not sure how long I’ll keep it up since like you mentioned it is quite a bit of maintenance work.



    • Cheers! Its really the first few shaves that are the toughest. You will be faster now…

      Thanks for listening

  5. You touched briefly on Triathletes shaving…

    I fit into that category, and I shave because I have found that smooth skin dries and cools off faster then extremely hairy skin, which I have….

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