Simplify Your Cycling: On the Bike Workouts

In the final edition of our Cycling 360 Simplify Your Cycling series, Darryl and Victor discuss how to take the complexity out of cycling training and workouts.

As we’re sure you’re aware, there are countless articles and information about how to get the most out of your training on the bike.  Most of our listeners are cyclists out for exercise, weight loss, and enjoyment….but still want to push it and get the best performance possible.  So this podcast give you a stripped down and simplified way to do it.

Tune in for and find out more:

  • The one simple key to make cycling workouts effective and easy to keep track of
  • How to improve your endurance, power, speed, and more
  • What level of exertion should you be at for different rides?
  • How to simplify and incorporate hill training into your ride
  • The definition of a hard ride and easy ride


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