Clipless Pedals

Clipless Pedals

Clipless pedals are a big part of road cycling (as well as mountain bike and triathlon) these days, but how did it all begin?  In this Cycling 360 podcast, Darryl and Victor go over everything from what Clipless pedals are to alternatives for those that aren’t interested or comfortable in using them.

This is another one of those podcasts that is applicable to riders of every level and for all types of cycling.  This podcast will make you a better cyclists.  Tune in to find out:

  • Why are they called “Clipless”?
  • The benefits of using clipless pedals.
  • The different types of pedals and which ones are recommended by Victor.
  • What pedals are best for people who are light in weight?
  • What’s the best way to clean and maintain your cleats and pedals?
  • How often you need to replace your cleats…and how to test them?
  • What’s the best way to transition into clipless pedals for the first time?
  • What are the recommended alternatives for someone not interested in going to clipless pedals?

Plus much more…including a quick tip directed at our hardcore road cyclist listeners.

Additional Links:

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  1. Ouch and double ouch. Clipping in and out no problem. Having come from a Townie and used to putting both feet down you can imagine the problem of switching to one foot down. I unclip on the down stroke of the right side, which is easier but then I automatically want to put down the left as well. After 4 falls I am off to the Chiropracter with a strain/sprained shoulder not to mention the road rash.

    How do I get better? I am looking forward to your advice as usual.

  2. John from Plano says

    I was not too excited about the topic however as usual I found it very informative and entertaining. I would add to your discussion the importance of being able to clip in effeciently especailly while riding in a group… If you miss the clip please continue pedaling and clip after the intersection!

    • Great Advice John. The thing to remember is not panic when you can’t clip in when riding in a group just relax and float the leg until you can get the cleat to engage.

  3. Joe Young says

    wow Victor, you knocked it out of the park on this podcast! two great pieces of advice….clip in on the downward portion of the stroke, and pull ‘back’ on the back side of your stroke (rather than up). i did both of these this morning. number 1, my hamstrings are dying! number 2, i clipped right in on my right foot rather than 20 seconds down the road! if you get anyone saying the show is too detail oriented, ignore it, i am soaking this up like a sponge!

  4. janet Cramer says

    I love the Speedplay Frog Clipless Pedals. I can walk on them, they are VERY quick release, and they are easy to clip in to. I have several pairs of SIDI shoes, and all my bikes have the frogs…..mountain, road and even an old Lotus. Whatever I’m going to ride, I can put on the same pair of shoes and go out on the bike. SO much easier! We have some bikes at one house, some at another, and you never have to match shoes and bikes. PLUS you can walk on floors (even wood floors) and not worry about making those awful marks on them. Very nice!!!! Totally comfortable, easy release, just easy overall.

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