Sunglasses, Optics and Vision in Cycling

RudyProjectSunglassesMilwaukeeAs you all know, Darryl loves his sunglasses and isn’t shy about talking about cycling with a pair on his head.  But he’s not an eyewear expert like our friend Devin Johnson from Rudy Project.

You eyes are extremely important and taking good care of them on the bike is vital.  We brought in Devin to tell us all about the importance of eyewear and he delivered by sharing some incredible information for all of us.

Have a listen to Darryl, Victor, and Devin as they discuss:

  • Why are good sunglasses so important?
  • What to do with your sunglasses after a ride
  • What key features should you look for in a pair of sunglasses?
  • The full low-down on polarized lenses and what they won’t let you do
  • Information on lens options and what they do
  • The difference between $10 and $200 sunglasses
  • Prescription eyewear and why you should not use normal glasses for riding
  • Caring for your sunglasses
  • ….and So much more

Rudy Project Synform

This episode is brought to you by Rudy Sunglasses and in this edition we feature their Synform glasses.  These sunglasses are very unique in that they are completely foldable, yet extremely durable.  They are also prescription friendly.

You can win a pair by subscribing to our mailing list.  Go to the Cycling 360 website homepage, sign up, and you’re automatically entered for this and all our weekly draws.

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