Common Fears Associated with Road Cycling

fear-road-sign-square-160x160The Cycling 360 guys talked about fears in a previous episode called, Is Fear Keeping You From Riding?  But because it’s something we commonly receive messages about, we’ve put together a more comprehensive episode including many of the fears that cyclists have to overcome.

Our goal at the Cycling 360 Podcast is always to help you become a better cyclist, and if that means having us help you overcome your fears then we’re up to the challenge.

In this episode:

  • Simple tips to help take the fear out of riding in traffic
  • The most important thing you should do before every single ride
  • Easily take the fear out of riding in a group
  • Go fast with no fear
  • Ride smart and be confident
  • Tips for cycling in a new area or on a new route
  • And much more


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  1. Thanks for broaching the subject of cyclists that use their lights obnoxiously. some are fearful, others are militant. Either way it can be like auto drivers who use their horns offensively.

    Flashing lights have no place in the pack or on bike paths.

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