Cycling in the Heat

heatwave_cyprusOkay, so we all might not like riding in hot temperatures like Darryl does… how do we deal with the heat and look after ourselves in conditions like this?

In this episode of the Cycling 360 podcast, we go over all aspects from preparation through completing your ride in hot weather conditions.

Listen in and find out about:

  • How to get the most out of your ride in the heat
  • Mental preparation
  • The importance of hydration and what to do differently in hot temperatures
  • Clothing options and alternatives
  • What to expect from your performance on a hot ride
  • Potential hazards and how to avoid them
  • Darryl and Victor’s personal tips for cycling in the heat


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  1. Thank you for the podcast. I always like to listen to your advises and comments. Hydration had been on my mind since a friend of mine got dehydrated during a ride in Amasa Back, Moab, Utah. He was puking water, so he had 3 bag of saline on the ER. He was drinking water and Gatorade. A few years later another friend got dehydrated and fainted, another ER visit with 3 bags of saline. Dr told us that the body produces sweat to cool down the body, Clothing that removes the sweat from the body and wind drying the clothing can make you dehydrate very fast as your body tries to sweat more to cool you down again and again. Water without salt(minerals) will go thru your system removing minerals and making you dehydrated. Same as too much caffeine can dehydrate you too. I hope someday I can find the right answer to the dehydration issue…

    • Daniel

      Thanks for your note. You make some valid points. One thing that I know is clear, everyone is different and we all require different levels of hydration and electrolytes. If you go back and listen to our episodes with Kelli on nutrition and hydration that should help. Bottom line is that we need to drink a lot of fluids when its hot and longer than an hour and a half or so take in some sort of electrolyte potion.

  2. Joseph Chapman says

    Good info. I hadn’t thought of putting a frozen bottle in the back pocket. I use Cytomax in one 24oz bottle with the other plain water. I’ve tried other products, this seems to work the best.

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