5 Cool Destinations for a Cycling Break on 2 Wheels

Cycling_in_Rural_FranceLooking for something fun to try on your next holiday? Cycling is one activity that we can suggest. It is an eco-friendly way to explore your chosen destination, apart from the fact that it is good for your health; it allows you to explore a country at your own pace. You will surely be mesmerised with the beauty that unfolds in front of your eyes. Not sure where to head? In this post, we will suggest some of the best cycling destinations that you might want to consider.

Andalucía, Spain

When it comes to recreational activities that you can enjoy in Andalucía, cycling is perhaps one of the most popular. You can choose to be independent by going on a self-guided tour, which is going to be a better adventure since you have the flexibility to change routes as desired. If you are a pro, you can visit during major cycling events, such as La Vuelta Andalucía or Tour of Andalucía, which happens in February or Tour of Spain, which happens in August or September.

The Cotswolds, UK

Quaint villages and vibrant market towns are just some of the reasons why the Cotswolds is an excellent choice for a cycling holiday. Its charming countryside is hard to compare to other places. Whether you have a few hours or a few days to spare, there are many routes that can prove to be perfect for every vacationer. Berkeley Circular, which has a length of 33 miles, is one of the best choices. If you are wondering where to stay in the Cotswolds, why not have a look at loghouseholidays.co.uk, for eco-friendly cabins.

Pyrenees, France

If you are looking for a challenging cycling destination, this should definitely be on the top of your list. From high-speed descents to challenging climbs, this is a place that will put your adrenaline to the test. There are many charming accommodation options that can be found along the route, providing you with the perfect place to relax after a tiring day.

Kos, Greece

Known as a cycling town in Greece, there is no wonder why it is frequented by tourists who would rather explore the destination on 2 wheels than in any other forms of transportation. By being a flat island, it becomes more attractive for cyclists, especially for beginners. Cycling around Kos will also give you a stunning view of the surrounding islands of Nissyros, Bodrum, and Turkey, among others. Visit Cyplon for more information on visiting Kos.

Bagan, Myanmar

It was just a few years ago when Myanmar opened its doors for tourists. Since then, this exotic destination has attracted people from different countries. In the ancient city of Bagan, four-wheel transportation is limited. There are no taxis or buses. The best way to have it explored is through cycling. Rent a bicycle for the whole day and witness sunsets and sunrises in different vantage points. Explore the thousands of pagodas that are scattered all over Bagan. All that you need is a handy map and you can have a lot of fun. The roads can be dusty at times, but they add up to the adventure of the ride.

Image c/o wikimedia.org

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