Hill Climbing for Cyclists with Coach Taylor Thomas


Who loves climbing hills?

Well, you might enjoy it more if you knew the tips and techniques for doing it better.  In this episode of the Cycling 360 Podcast, we brought in Taylor Thomas from Thomas Endurance Coaching to share his wisdom on the art of hill climbing.

You may remember Taylor from our Road Cycling Summit, well he impressed us so much that we had to have him on our show.  He’s super experienced and shares a whole lot of great information on getting the most out of your hill climbing.


What makes a great Climber?  

  • Form
  • Strength to weight
  • Mental Strength


What do you need to know to become a great Climber?

  • Building your strength/engine
  • Working on your form   
  • Strategizing for hills/building your mental toughness


Implementation of climbing knowledge

  • Specific workouts
  • Off the bike training?
  • Riding with people (group rides, etc.)


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