Road Cycling Tires: Everything You Need to Know

Road Cycling TiresWhen Darryl first brought up the idea of doing a podcast on tires, Victor thought it would be too boring for our listeners.  After a little convincing, we decided to record this episode of Cycling 360 and feel it’s full of some amazing information that all cyclists should know.

It really is an information packed episode on everything you need to know about road tires.  Yes, there is a whole lot more to tires than you may think.

In this podcast, we talk about it all including:

  • The three most important things to look for in a road tire
  • Darryl and Victor’s favorite road tire of all time
  • Weight, Tread, and Tire Pressure…..and how it can affect your ride
  • Rolling Resistance – what tire width is best?
  • Tires and puncture resistance
  • Tubes
  • Tires in wet conditions
  • What makes a great tire
  • What tires are best for different road conditions

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  1. Christy Boyle says

    Thanks guys for this wonderful podcast. I rate this one as one of the best I have heard for my cycling. It was very educational and certainly has helped me to be a better cyclist!! You gave fantastic practical advice, as always, and I feel that I can trust your knowledge and judgment about cycling. Thank you so much for all of your amazing podcasts.

  2. Rosanna Lovecchio says

    Darryl was right Victor, this was a reeeeally good podcast. Thought I was pretty tire savvy but I definitely learned a thing or too.

    • Hey Rosanna, thanks for listening. Yeah, Victor may be the Guru….but every so often I know better than him. I’m happy we put this one together as well.


  3. Wish it could be available in print, too.

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