How your weight affects your performance on the bike

This weeks quick tip is from Victor

How weight affects performance on the bike

Cyclists obsess about bike and equipment weight but where they really should be looking is at their bodies.

A little weight loss can make a big performance improvement

Control your weight all year

8-10 pound can have massive time saving on hill climbs.

How your weight effects your performance on flat rides

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  1. Sorry to be a grammar nazi, but cyclists should know the effect/affect distinction.

  2. Last June I made the decision and purchased a road bike. During that time I’ve been looking to increase my knowledge about various things to improve my performance. I recently started listening to this podcast and it provides answers to a lot of the fundamental question I have. Not to mention the 3 of you provide meaningful examples and humer to keep me tuned in. It seems whenever I listen to this time flies by. I say this because my time on the trainer used to take forever but not anymore.

    Keep up the great work!!!

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