Nutrition Strategies to Avoid Fatigue

Nutrition Strategies to Avoid Fatigue

We welcome our expert sports nutrition friend, Kelli Jennings back to the show and we discuss the topic of nutrition strategies to avoid overtraining and fatigue.  This is an extremely important topic to cyclists and all athletes out there and it’s a Cycling 360 podcast you won’t want to miss.

Fatigue is known as physical and/or mental weariness which is the result of exerting your body.  Overtraining is a physical, behavioral, and emotional condition that can occur when the amount of intensity and volume of an individual’s exercise exceeds their capacity to recover.  At this point, athletes stop making progress and can often get injured or experience negative effects.

In this podcast, Kelli shares her nutritional expertise and provides details and information to help avoid fatigue and overtraining.  Tune in for information on:

  • A breakdown on food intake and how best to structure your meals and nutrition
  • The best time to take in certain food
  • A nutrition strategy that will help prevent fatigue
  • Which supplements are recommended to aide in fatigue and overtraining prevention?
  • The benefits of coconut oil
  • Why water is so important for your body

This podcast contains so much information that you’ll likely have to listen to it over and over again to soak up all the great nutrition tips.

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