Motivation for Cycling and Life

Getting and staying motivated

No matter what area of life you are talking about, Motivation is an important aspect of all we do.  Motivation and cycling definitely tie in together and in this Cycling 360 Podcast, we share tips, ideas, and suggestions for keeping yourself motivated and finding the motivation you need to achieve your cycling goals.

The Cycling 360 guys may not be experts in motivation, but their experience and backgrounds have provided them with knowledge and experiences and they’re here to share these with you in this podcast about motivation.  This podcast includes information on various aspects of the topic and focuses a lot of attention on the following:

  • The types of motivation, and which one can help you the most.
  • What are the triggers that can zap our motivation, and how to turn it around.
  • Over-Training and how it can affect your motivation.
  • The importance of having a “purpose”.
  • How to get out of a slump, and get back on track.
  • How accountability, role models, rewards, and other techniques can ensure you stay motivated.
  • And additional information for cyclists of all levels and abilities.

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  1. Question 1: We don’t have seasons here in South Florida and I keep reading and hearing about seasonal “down time” or time for cross training. Should we take time off? Question 2: Do bridges count as hills? Question 3: I think I am out growing my Townie 7D. What next; I want to see how far and fast I can go.
    Your show is great; it keeps me encouraged as I use my bike for cardio and commute.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Karen,

      Question 1: It’s a good idea to take some time down (2-3) weeks and do something other than ride, Walk, Hike, Swim, Jog… Something low impact and aerobic but away from the bike. Helps with burnout and makes us appreciate the bike even more when we do get back to riding.
      Question 2: Yes bridges count as hills especially in Fla! While other states will not agree with me on that you work with what terrain you do have.
      Question 3: The next step up from a Townie could be a geared or even a single speed road bike. A geared road bike can be used for more than just around town rides too. Road bikes do not have to be overly expensive but you should expect to pay more for a geared road bike over the price of a townie unless you get a good deal on a used road bike.

      Thank you for such great questions and listening to the show!

      Coach Rob

  2. My motivation when I am not able to get outside is the ‘quiet time’ when I get to listen to the Cycling 360 podcast. Ha! But seriously, when on the trainer, music helps as well. I have a playlist for my iPhone that has a lot of heavy and hard music to encourage me to pedal faster. Some hard rock like Metallica, Motley Crue or Rage Against the Machine work well but so do the classics like The Rolling Stones. Never underestimate Start Me Up to get you going.

  3. This is the first Cycle360 podcast, I’ve listened to. Enjoyed it a lot.

    I rode all the time from 1959 when i got my first “two wheeler” until the early 80’s when my career got complicated. Then somehow I forgot how much fun riding a bike was and started “working on my fitness.” Never could get excited.

    Then last year my wife Susan and I decided to try out our first organized ride. We rode together almost every day last summer. In the process we each rediscovered the core motivation – we just go outside to play on our bikes.

    So from 0 miles/year to our first multi-day ride (unsupported, 5 days) for our 60th birthdays (summer 2012). And – we’re just about back to the weights we were when we graduated from college in 1974/5. None of it was work.

    My biggest motivation is the joy I see on Susan’s face when we’re out on our bikes.

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for such a great comment! I love it “we just go outside to play on our bikes” – “None of it was work”.

      We try to produce content and shows for both recreational and competitive cyclists but I think their alot of competitive cyclists who could learn a few things from the two items I pulled from your comments.


      Coach Rob

  4. Great show on motivation. But you missed something… best thing to listen to when I’m riding is … your shows!!

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