Stepping Back From the Bike

ME_color_croppedIt’s our first podcast of 2015, and we humbly must say it’s our best work yet.  Not only are you going to hear a massive improvement in sound quality, you’ll find the content in this episode incredibly life changing.

Darryl and Victor discuss the idea of stepping back and how it can improve your cycling….and your life.  Within minutes of tuning in, you’ll understand just how passionate these guys are about this topic and the wisdom really begins to flow.

We invite you to hear our new sound quality, amazing new theme song composed by Martin Blomberg, and information that will change your cycling and your life.

  • How are core values and goals to be used properly?
  • What are core values and how do you choose them?
  • Effectively moving in the direction of your goals.
  • Find out what the new direction of the Cycling 360 Podcast will be.
  • A candid conversation with openness and humility…..Darryl and Victor’s best work yet.

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  1. Thank you guys. Everything sounded great loved this podcast. So happy you haven’t given up on the podcasts. I so enjoy listening and sharing with my indoor riders and this one will be sent for my rider’s listening pleasure and learning. Yes, what you speak about applies to the IC rider as well, especially today’s topic. Your points are right on target with my profiles, coaching and cues for my last 3 weeks of classes. Our 2015 rides began with identify one’s goals, identifying the Why behind that goal and today the power of words to achieving that goal. I loved your suggestion to keep asking Why after each reason and will add that to my cycling coaching tools.
    I like your “lifestyle” information and value it as an important part of my personal training and what i deliver to my riders in class. It makes for a well rounded program.
    Looking forward to your next podcast.
    Ride Safe, Ride Strong

    • Hey Renee….good to hear from you. We’re glad we can help you out, and we look forward to corresponding more with you in the future.

  2. Great job on the audio, it really sounds a lot better. There was always a lot of low level background noise and static in the past and it sounds much clearer now.

    Regarding the changes to the focus of the podcast, I would prefer to keep the material primarily cycling focused and not expand it to more “lifestyle” areas. There are a lot of other podcasts that deal with lifestyle subjects. You guys are very knowledgeable about cycling and do that better than others, so you should stick with what you know and are good at.

  3. You should interview the Bicycle TOuring pro in a future podcast episode. he has a podcast too and would make a great guest I bet.

  4. Episode request – How to become a better home mechanic ? Basic tool set – best sources to learn the basic repairs techniques and installing new components – enjoy every podcast

    • Hey Warren, thanks for the suggestion. We’ve done a show on mechanics before, but we can look at adding another one like this.

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