Confidence to Race

Confidence to Race

Are you a cyclist who has a desire to compete or race, but are lacking the confidence to get started?  You’re not alone.  We received this message from one of our listeners and responded by doing an entire podcast on confidence and bike racing:

I’m currently a non-competitive cyclist who is VERY enthusiastic about someday being a competitive cyclist.  I’m afraid to approach the competitive arena as I feel that I’m overly competitive, and afraid of losing/looking stupid.  I have a hard time even riding in non-competitive groups due to this issue, as well.  Do you have any recommendations for people like me, other than going to see a shrink?

We brought in Carrie Cheadle to help out with this show so that she could provide her professional and expert opinion.  Carrie is a noted sports mental skills coach who works with top athletes (and many cyclists) to help make them the best they can be.

No matter where your confidence level is at, you’ll want to have a listen to this podcast to help make you a better and stronger cyclist.  Tune in and listen to the crew talk about:

  • Is it fear or lack of confidence?
  • Is this a normal feeling to experience?
  • Confidence boosters
  • Darryl’s Caribbean inspired confidence advice
  • Confidence destroyers and how to deal with them
  • Tips on building up your self confidence
  • Competition realities for first timers
  • Success breeds success
  • Plus a whole lot more from Carrie and the Cycling 360 guys

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  1. Great episode! I find myself in the same boat. I started riding last year on and off mostly by myself, however this year rode more consistently, then started riding with a bike shop group ride. Now for next season I was considering trying to race, but after listening I am definitely going to. What’s the worst thing that can happen? I get dropped off the back big deal (still would suck to get dropped but) come back the next week and try again. Thanks for the extra little push to go for it next season!


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