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Cycling at high rpmWe’ve been talking about doing a show on Cycling Cadence for quite some time now.  It was Victor who first brought the idea up and it slowly built momentum until we had many of our listeners writing in telling us that they’d really like to see this show go on.  It’s finally happened, and the results include information for all types of riders.

  • Tune in to this podcast and listen in as Darryl, Rob, and Victor discuss all things cadence.  This podcast includes:
  • Who should be concerned with tracking cadence and how it can improve your performance.
  • The definition of cadence and how to find yours.
  • Why Victor feels it should be known as cadences (Plural).
  • Is there such thing as an optimal cadence?
  • Cadence and hills, flats, and big gears.
  • Pedalling drills to improve your cadence.
  • How to get your pedalling cadence evaluated.
  • The Cycling 360 cadence quick tip.

All this, plus we answer a phone in question by  Keith Edmitson on orthotics and hotspots.

We’re on the lookout for good sponsors of the Cycling 360 podcast.  Have a look at Our Sponsorship Page for more information and how you (or a company you know can get involved).


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  1. Great article/training plan for higher cadence adaptability. I’ve been employing tips from your discussions on the podcast and felt it was more natural for me to ride ~90rpm. Thanks for all the great information! -Rhoi

    • You are very welcome! Before long you will find that anything below 90RPM feels like you are plodding along.

  2. matt long says

    Great info. Do you have some semi detailed suggestions for increasing cadence. Maybe some suggested intervals? Well done as always, gents.

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