Pedals for Lighter Cyclists

Clipless Pedals for Lighter Cyclists 

If you’re a cyclist that weighs around 130 pounds or less, you’re going to want to listen to this cycling quick cast from Darryl.  Even if you’re not a lightweight, maybe you can pass along the information to another cyclist you know.

All pedals are not created equally, and lighter riders with less force can often have trouble un-clipping from standards pedals.  Some companies provide a special pedal designed specifically for lighter riders.

Darryl experienced this issue first hand and offers his tips and suggestions on how to get through it.  He also includes comments on how to make sure you don’t misfire on your clip in and in the “additional links” below he provides videos on how to prevent this.

Additional Links:

Prevent misfiring on your clip in

Video on Clipless Pedals for Lighter Cyclists


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  1. I am also a female rider under 130, finally giving up on my Shimano pedals. Any thoughts on whether Speedplay pedals would work better for lighter cyclists?

    • Thanks for the comment. Speedplay does make a “light action” pedal for lighter riders. I have found the the look light action pedals are a bit easier for most smaller riders. Hope this helps

  2. Sheelagh E says

    I have just purchased some Look carbon blade pedals. I am used to cleats and have used SPDs in the past and am comfortable with clipless pedals. However I am having real trouble clipping out. I am female but weigh 65kg. Am I too light for these or is it a case of bedding in? Is there an alternative I love the Look brand but the Easy suggest they are for novices. Do you have any advice on this?

    • Sheelagh

      Victor here. That pedal is available in 2 versions 1 with 12nm spring and another for sprinters that is 16nm. Both are still higher than the “easy” model. The esy model is a decent pedals but not quite as nice as the blade. Talk to darryl as he had this same problem. We solved his problem with the esy pedal. here is a link to his video Hope this helps. Feel free to ask more questions and thanks for listening

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