Setting up your indoor trainer

In this tip Victor talks about setting your bike up on an indoor trainer.2013-09-27_1745

Areas covered

Trainer Tires

Tire Pressure

Riser Blocks and more

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  1. I’m a little late to the game in that I just listened to this podcast. Quick question: can I change my front mounted sensor to my rear tire so that my cyclocomputer will record my indoor training ride? Thanks!

    • Tina

      You should be able to do this. Its really a matter of finding a place to mount the sensor. If it is a wired computer the cable will liley not reach the rear wheel. If it is wireless is should work no problem if you can find a place to mount it.

      Hope this helps

  2. I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts! Is there any benefit to raising your front tire on the trainer (using blocks or phone books) so that you are actually in an incline position on the bike (as opposed to being level)? In other words, does having your bike in an inclined position help simulate climbing?



    • William

      First to make the bike level you need the riser under the fron wheel. Otherwise it will be very uncomfortable riding the trainer. As far as raising the front higher to simulate climbing. I dont think it really matters. Though many people claim that you enlist other muscles with the higher front end but I dont think its worth the discomfort. We are probably better off just keeping the bike level and doing a killer workout. IMO Victor

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