The future of bike technology is now!

The Technology of Cycling

With the introduction of new technology coming at us so fast and furious these days, this podcast just might be obsolete very soon.  Okay, it might not be advancing that quickly…but there have been significant changes to technology in the bicycle industry over the past few years and this trend is sure to continue.

In this podcast on bike technology, Victor and Darryl go over a variety of new products and features for all aspects of the bike.  They share comments and suggestions on many of them as well, so be sure to tune in and see what they recommend.

In this podcast you’ll hear comments, information, and suggestions on:

  • How often you should change out various components
  • New technology in bicycles including:
    • Frames
    • Cockpit
    • Groups
    • Wheels
    • Tires
    • Gearing
    • Computers
    • Materials (Carbon, Aluminum, Bamboo, and more)
  • Is electronic shifting the way of the future?
  • Will we see more road bikes with disk brakes?
  • New technology in the world of frames and forks (road, tri, and TT bikes)
  • The move to 11 speed
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Building integration into the bike
  • What technology is worth investing in, and which ones you should avoid
  • Plus the Cycling 360 Quick Tip on making smart choices

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  1. I gave up a car to simplify my life and for less expense. Now you’re turning the bike into the same type of “animal” that cars became, So, some of us will keep a couple of old ones that can be worked on at home and will become classics.

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