News from Cycling 360

News from the Cycling 360 Podcast

We are doing something different with this show….we are talking about our Cycling 360 Podcast instead of cycling this time.  We have a bunch of announcements that we needed to explain so we thought we would get the news out the best way we know how.

We’re not even two years old and the success of the Cycling 360 Podcast has been incredible so far.  Darryl, Victor, and Rob are very proud of how far things have gone and are making a few adjustments so that we can continue in a strong positive direction.

Listen in to this podcast and find out about all the big news including:

  • How the show originally got started.
  • The roles each of us play.
  • What we’re each involved with when not doing Cycling 360.
  • Our move to one podcast per month.
  • The mini-cast shows.
  • Donations and Support.
  • The current statistics for Cycling 360.
  • What lies ahead for the the future.
  • What we won’t be discussing on Cycling 360.
  • How our listeners fit into the mix and what we need from you.
  • All this, plus more information on what is to come for 2013.
Happy New Year, everyone.  See you all in 2013.
If you are interested in showing support for the continued success of the Cycling 360 Podcast visit our donations page.

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  1. He Guys,

    Just run with the format you like. I got enough back catalogue to be entertained while riding on the banks of the Danube here in Germany (where it is pretty cold right now…).

  2. Hi Guys,

    A quick recording tip. If each person records their own vocals during the show and then drops the file into a Dropbox folder. They can be put together in an editing program and you won’t hear the connection issues.

    As far as syncing goes, you can just do a quick count at the beginning of the recording to help find the right spot. Example: Person 1 says “One”, Person 2 says “Two”, Person 3 “Three” etc.

    Hopes that helps without having to pay for upgrades like GoToMeeting.

    Goodluck with the new format.



    • Hi Damian,

      we actually considered this format some time ago but the editing process is cumbersome and doesn’t fit the style of show we are going for.

      At this point the show quality is what it is. Especially now with one of us calling in from the Caribbean.

      If we find additional revenue via adverting or underwriting then we will re-look at GoToMeeting or other non-skype alternatives.

      Thanks for listening!

  3. I was so worried that you were going to announce a cancellation of the show. Thanks guys for sticking around. I like the informal aspect of the show. I feel as though I’m hanging out with the “the big boys”. I do not mind hearing the frogs, dogs, kids, or doors. Nor do I mind the long shows, some visits are like that. I am looking forward to a new year with you and any special guests that you have on. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours.

    • Karen, Thanks for your comments. We are not going away. That is certain. We are just changing our format. I am glad someone else like the frogs. I do.

      We have a lot of fun recording these shows.

      Really thank you for listening.


  4. Mark "Shadowmate" Middleton says

    Sorry to hear that the shows will be less frequent guys but I’m sure we will still be happy with the once a month rota. I am happy to have donated as i have recently completed my goal of listening to every podcast since i discovered you and i thank you all for the excellent and in depth info. Thanks for all the great work guys.

    • Mark

      Thanks for listening. We have the new format ready and will give an announcement soon. I think you will continue to find value.


  5. Thank you, appreciate your podcasts!
    To be maximally effective to myself and the other 50,000 cyclists, it would benefit your listeners to have an hour of spinning with each episode. One person could record this:
    -20 minute warm up with tips.
    -30 minute intervals….example, 20/40 20 sec fully on, 40 sec soft pedal.
    -10 minute cool down.

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