Cycling for Masters Athletes

How old is too old to ride a bike?  Well, we feel that cycling is something that not only can be done into the golden years…..but your performance can be top notch as well.Fitolddog

Darryl and Victor talk with Kevin Morgan, a 70 year old athlete who’s still rocking things on the bike.  Kevin is full of incredible wisdom and insight into what it takes to achieve excellent performance as your body ages.  Can you believe it wasn’t until he reached his 50’s when he decided to take up Ironman training?  This guy is incredible.

Listen in to this interesting discussion:

  • What are masters athletes?
  • What is possible as far as performance goes when you age?
  • What are the biggest challenges and how are they overcome?
  • An Aortic Stent can’t even be used as an excuse not to excel.
  • Life stories from one of the most interesting athletes you’ll ever meet.

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  1. Ted Dooley says

    This was a great episode – it suits me great as I’m just a 59 year old youngster. I have two queries though.
    First, he mentioned books / people / resources that I couldn’t clearly hear and I am anxious to follow up. One was in relation to ‘body awareness’ and another in relation to diet. The names of these would be appreciated.
    Secondly, he referred to Joe Friel but he seems to be at odds with Friel on high intensity – Friel is an advocate of it but Kevin seemed to favour Long Slow Distance. Perhaps thus is for ‘another day’.

    • Ted

      the body awareness method Kevin was talking about is called Feldenkrais

      The diet Keven has been on for some time is called Paleo and the book mentioned is
      I personally dont endorse it but many athletes swear by this type of diet.

      On intensity. Kevin might be right, high intensity is tough on your body and as we age its harder for us to recover. The realy answer is very individual. Depends on your body, goals, etc. Kevin wants to get faster but is really all about having fun and living life. So the lsd suits him.



  2. Really enjoyed the conversation with Kevin. Inspiring and informative. I’ll hit the 60 mark next February and am already into all the adjustments and psychology Kevin mentioned.
    Great topic and guest.


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