Carbs and Cycling

It’s always a good day when Kelli Jennings drops by to record with the Cycling 360 guys….join us in this podcast to learn valuable information on carbs, nutrition, and how it all applies to cycling.  As we state in the opening of each podcasts, this one is sure to make you a better cyclist.

Kelli Jennings is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for healthy eating, wellness, & sports nutrition. She is an avid athlete herself, and has become a leader and expert in the field of Sports Nutrition for endurance athletes.  Kelli runs a nutrition company called, Apex Nutrition, is featured weekly on Loving the Bike, and works with Rob over at Positive Performance Coaching.  We’ve had her on the podcast once before when we talked about hydration, and just like last time, we’ll provide a ton of great information for you in this one.

Listen in to this podcast on Carbohydrates and find out:

  • The difference between Daily Nutrition and Training Nutrition
  • Carbs as fuel
  • The  Glycemic index
  • Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs
  • How lowering the amount of carbs you intake can help your cycling performance
  • Simple tips to increase your performance through nutrition
  • The best time to consume carbs and what quantity
  • Getting to know your body and how to make it perform to your advantage

There was so much great information packed into this podcast that we had to include a lot of show notes for you to further benefit how proper nutritional information can aid you as a cyclist.  See below.

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  1. Jeff Montague says

    what about DIABETES
    type 1 and 2

    • I will speak to Kelli about this and she if she has any experience with the subject of diabetes. If not I have a former teammate i might be able to coerce, I mean convince to come on the show who is type 2. – Coach Rob

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