The Third Bottle – Stay Hydrated on Long Rides

Third-Water-BottleWith summer comes hotter temperatures and a greater need to stay hydrated on the bike.  In this quickcast by Darryl, he talks about carrying a third water bottle with you on a long ride.

This is one of our Cycling 360 quick tip podcasts to help all of your out on the road.  Ride strong and stay hydrated.

For a checklist of important hydration information for cyclists, be sure to check out the post below with information from Kelli our Nutritionist:

Important Hydration Information for Cyclists


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  1. One alternative is to plan your route to go by a place that has water. Right?

    I will admit I have had to carry the third bottle occasionally but if it was routine, I would add a carrier behind my saddle. That bottle will not melt as fast either as it is protected from the wind.

    Also regarding the “not getting squashed” podcast. I added a taillight to my bike but never run it in blinking (annoying) mode. Just on – steady. I think that is a much better way to go.

    • Clay Thanks for the comment. That is a great point on the behind saddle cage. They do work well.

    • I was going to say the same as Clay. Find a route that takes you by a shop. Carrying another bottle is such a drag.. Or you could hide a bottle of water somewhere along your route ;o)

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