Blood Glucose and Cycling

How much do you know about blood glucose?

Blood Glucose has a huge impact on your health, your life, and your cycling. Blood glucose is not only important to people who are worried about or have diabetes. Taking an active role in managing your relationship with blood glucose, through the way you exercise and your diet, can have a positive impact on your life. Today’s episode features special guest Christopher Kelly, from Nourish Balance Thrive, discussing his personal journey with blood glucose, and how to take charge of your own health and life. Listen in to hear their discussion on how blood glucose affects your life, changes you can make to improve your overall health, and things to consider to live a fuller, healthier life.


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  1. Hi guys, very much appreciated this show, but I appreciate all your shows. Will be sharing this with members of my Spin Cycle Studio. It came at just the right time for some of my members. Keep up the great work.

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