FlightHub’s tricks to packing for your ultimate cycling trip in Iceland

FlightHub’s tricks to packing for your ultimate cycling trip in Iceland

In recent years, Iceland has quickly become one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. No matter the media platform, people have gone nuts over Iceland; whether they’re stunning photo essays from Passion Passport, or the countless Instragram posts that showcase they country’s beauty, travelers from far and wide and antsy to get going to Iceland. As a country that straddles North American and Europe, it’s a place where old Viking history and tradition meet progressive modernity at an unprecedented rate.

Within the last year alone, FlightHub has seen ticket purchases double for visitors interested in seeing Keflavik. Despite this surge in commercial popularity, cyclists have long known about the beauty that encapsulates the country, and the best way to see it all? On a bike, of course.

FlightHub reviews a comprehensive packing for your cycling holiday abroad in Iceland.

Much like any cycling trip, understanding what you need to bring with you while on the trip heavily depends on what kind of cycling trip you’re going to make. Travelers are oftentimes pigeonholed into thinking that Keflavik is the only major city in Iceland, and though it is the country’s most populous city, that doesn’t mean you can’t stop for provisions along the way.

Camping the great Icelandic outdoors is probably one of the more rewarding experience when cycling the island-country, however this does pose a logistical problem should you not bring camping gear with you (for obvious reasons). But for some, carrying this extra weight isn’t ideal, especially if you’re planning a multi-day journey through the country. Though typically much cheaper than staying in traditional hotels and hostels, camping provides cyclists with a one-of-a-kind-experience unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. FlightHub recommends staying at designated campsites, or if you’re feeling adventurous, simply wild camping will do the trick! Make sure your tent is strong enough to withstand winds, and is of course, waterproof!

However, if you’re adamant about saving space and weight on your ride, then booking Icelandic guesthouses is a wonderful alternative to hostels and hotels. Much like a bed-and-breakfast, guesthouses are a time-honored Scandinavian tradition. Usually set up in people’s private homes, rent a room and stay for the night in any city along your journey. Due to the country’s culture, Icelanders are sensitive to privacy, meaning that these homes will probably be separate from the owners, offering you the opportunity to rest and relax at your leisure.

When packing for your cycling trip, FlightHub encourages you to investigate weather and wind conditions prior to you going. Average temperatures even in the middle of summer don’t rise above 20°c, making your ride either pleasantly cool, or very cold. With Iceland’s unpredictable weather, make sure you invest in tons of waterproof gear (specifically gloves and shoes) as well as pack coverings. There’s nothing worse than being wet and cold when you bike for ours at a time. Bring pool socks, synthetic insulating pieces (like long johns, or sweaters), reflective gear for people to see you when it gets darks, and naturally, a first aid kit for any bumps or bruises.

In terms of bike repair, bringing your standard tool kit including extra tires is recommended. The asphalt in Iceland is a lot rougher, therefore wearing down even the highest quality tires found. Last but certainly not least, make sure to bring extra batteries for your camera and take the most breathtaking pictures out there!

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