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Cycling is a great thing to do, and encouraging others is a great way to give back to the cycling community. In this Quick Tip, Victor shows us a few ways to help other riders and spread the love of cycling.

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  1. renee shapurji says

    I just experienced the wonderful kindness from others you spoke about shown towards me as i embarked on riding outdoors this fall for the first time. I’m an indoor cycling instructor and like most have held off riding outdoors due to fear. Thanks to the understanding, encouragement and patience from a few of the riders in my classes, I’ve successfully made the transition to the road and love it! With their help i completed my first real road journey of the Hilly Hundred in Indiana. it was extremely tough, 18-23% gradients and they were right beside me yet allowing me my own time and distance to ride on my own. I was also the recipient of kindness shown from total strangers who helped me with chain issues when many others just rode on by. In a world where there is so much cruelty happening this was incredible and those biking angels won’t know the impact they had. Now i pay it forward.

  2. Ed Estrella says

    I do a lot of riding in the evenings and I’m always concerned that I won’t be seen by motorists. However, I hate those huge reflectors that are designed to go on the spokes of the wheel. My solution is to wrap some narrow reflective tape on the valve stem cover. The little bit of tape really reflects a lot more light than you would think and the motion of the reflector as the wheel spins really catches your eye. I just thought I would add that I also have very powerful lights and reflective clothing while I ride at night.

  3. Ed Estrella says

    I was mountain biking in the boondocks all by myself and got a flat tire. I had forgotten my tire levers. I thought I was in for a long walk. After thinking about my problem I decided to try and McGiver my quick release skewers as tire levers. To my surprise the skewers gave me just enough leverage to remove the tire.

  4. Ed Estrella says

    When mounting your tires always mount a distinguishing feature of the tire directly accross the stem hole in the rim. When you get a flat you can easily compare the tire carcass with the hole in the tube to see if the tire was damaged at that spot or if the item that caused the flat is still impeded in the tire.

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