Ultimate Unplugged Bike Holiday

imagesWe all might be full out road bike cyclists, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put in miles on an urban bike.  Victor and I have talked about unplugging your bike computer and just riding for the fun of it, with no concentration at all on cadence or speed.  But jumping on a slow moving urban bike allows you to unplug even further.

If I were to think of my ultimate dream road ride, it would be an extended bike vacation in Italy.  No doubt.  But if I wanted to go on my ultimate unplugged bicycle holiday, it would definitely involve Amsterdam and a commuter or urban bike.

In fact, I can tell you exactly what it would look like.  I would go on an Urban Farming Bike tour in Amsterdam.  Yeah, you heard me.  Bikes, Country side, Seed bombing, and the Amsterdam bike culture all rolled into one afternoon of good times.

What?  Never heard of seed bombing?  My good buddy and self-sustainability activist Rob Greenfield shares his experience in his article on seed bombing by bike.

Of course I’d want to get in some hardcore road rides while over there, but this little tour would be such a fun way to ease up and enjoy Amsterdam bike life.

Okay, I’ve heard about what many of your ultimate road bike adventures would like like…..but now let’s hear what your unplugged bike holiday would involve.


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