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The term base miles (or base training) may be a new one for you, or it may be something that confuses you a little.  In this podcast, the Cycling 360 crew talks about the ins and outs of this subject and how to make the most of off-season training using these methods.

In this episode the round table discussion focuses on base training and includes valuable information including:

  • The definition of Base Training
  • How to know if you’re getting in the right kind of miles in the off-season
  • How Base Training can help improve your cycling and prevent injury
  • Information on the different segments of Base Training
  • Cadence, duration, frequency, and intensity of Base Training
  • Indoor and Outdoor Base Miles
  • Plus the Cycling 360 Quick Tip and so much more

NOTE: The clinic on Base Training and subsequent training plan mentioned in this podcast have been delayed. We hope to have them up later today. Thank you for your patience.

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  1. Have really enjoyed the podcasts. Where is the clinic on Base Training and subsequent training plan mentioned in this podcast?


    • Hi Erich, We ended up not releasing the materials. They were recorded and the plan was created. We were not happy with our first pass at the recording and creating a clinic. We are revisiting our processes for delivering the clinics. We hope to have something ready before the fall. Thanks for listening – Coach Rob

  2. I just got to listening to some back episodes (while on the trainer today …) and thought about how you guys were trying to describe base training to those who may not understand. I think the analogy that could have been made was to compare it to spring training for baseball or training camp for football. You are working yourself into a proper fitness level so that when the time comes, you can go ‘all out’ and have a much less risk of significant injury.

    Love the podcast and am slowly listening to the back episodes that are of interest. Great stuff.

  3. Absolutely love your podcasts. I listen to different ones from the archive every week while I’m at work. Trying to absorb everything I can.
    I had to give up the competitive running sports I had been involved in about 5 years ago because of pretty bad plantar fasciitis. During that time I kind of got down because I could no longer do the things I had been so good at.
    Last fall, a good new friend got me to come to a cyclocross event here. My hand was wrapped up from a recent surgery, couldn’t work out for 2 months because of it, and was about 40lbs overweight. After that night, though, I new exactly what I was going to do.
    I’ve since dropped 25lbs so far and working on building my aerobic base. I’ll have to start out training on my circa ’85 chromoly touring bike until I can afford a racing bike in late spring. I hope to enter some sort of competition before the upcoming season is over.
    I have yet to even get on a bike since that night, but I know I’m already hooked!
    Your shows have been great to help shorten my learning curve. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Guys, great podcast topic!! I’m an amateur racer down here in Australia and am currently in my Base period. My coach last year started me on this concept and I was amazed at the result. This year I’m without a coach and I’m following Joe Friel’s training bible format. And yes it’s hard to stay in the low HR zones but I know it’s good for me! I’m just starting Base 2 so I’m looking forward to some tempo and small hill work. Thanks again, really enjoying the podcasts.

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