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Cycling CampsHave you been to, or thought about taking part in a cycling camp?  The cycling 360 guys are excited about this topic because they know just how valuable a camp can be for the participants.  In fact, they love cycling camps so much that they’re putting a couple on themselves.

This is a podcast for all levels of cyclists and triathletes and it provides massive amounts of information and advice on choosing the right cycling camp and what to expect.

Darryl and Victor provide the definition of a cycling camp and go on to explain so much more, including:

  • What’s involved in a cycling camp
  • Cycling related benefits
  • Mind and body related benefits
  • The most important things to look for in a cycling camp
  • What to look for in a cycling camp coach
  • The social aspects of a camp
  • Making the camp a vacation
  • Where to find a good cycling camp
  • Plus details on Rob’s training camp and the Grenada cycling camp being put on by Darryl and Victor

Additional Links:

Rob’s Positive Performance Training Camp

Grenada Cycling Camp with Coach Victor


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  1. John Dombrowski says

    The whole idea of the bike camp sounds incredible. Couple of questions: how is your bike shipped to distant locations or do you typically rent one at the camp? What about your ability, if you are not up to the point of riding as many miles as is stated daily…..
    Thanks guys always enjoy your podcasts and often relisten to many of them.

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