Do-It-Yourself Bike Fit Solutions

We always promote getting a professional bike fit over here at Cycling 360, but this podcast contains information on additional adjustments that be made yourself so that you’re always riding in the best position possible.

Poor position on the bike hampers your performance and can be the cause of bodily injury.  In this podcast on do it yourself bike fit solutions, Darryl and Victor go over several different adjustments that you can do in order to be at your best on the bike.

Listen in and learn all about these simple adjustments that you can do yourself and more:

  • Which adjustments should you take on yourself and which should you leave for a professional?
  • The importance of good shoes, insoles, and positioning.
  • Why one pair of shoes is recommended over having several different pairs.
  • Seat adjustments and how proper positioning improves performance and prevents injury.
  • Bike Adjustments to prevent:
    • Sore back
    • Shoulder pain
    • Numb hands
    • Sore knees
  • Why serial tweaking is not recommended
  • How often should a bike fit or check be done?
  • Plus a Quick Tip on positioning cleats on your shoes, and much more.

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  1. SpeedyBert says

    I cannot believe how much good I have got from these podcasts! They have changed how i bike! When I saw the title of this podcast I thought I would never touch my fit on my road and tri bikes. I have spent too much time and money getting them right. But during this podcast knee pain was discussed cause by bad or poorly adjusted shoe clips. I got to thinking that I seem to get knee pain after occasionally riding my mountain bike or my indoor spinning bike. I use different clips and shoes for spinning and mountain biking as I do on the road. Never had those shoes set since I purchased them and the dealer set them. And after listening to this podcast I check them and found they were not only worn out, they were set totally wrong for my feet! Now they are right and my occasional knee pain is gone! Thanks guys!


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