Real Tips for Self-Motivation

If this podcast doesn’t totally fire you up and raise your level of motivation, then we don’t know what will.  In this edition of the Cycling 360 Podcast, Darryl and Victor share their own personal strategies and advice for improving your motivation to get out there and ride… matter what.

Not only will this podcast get you motivated to ride, but the information contained in this episode can be applied to all areas of your life.

Included in this episode on Motivation:

  • Pay yourself first
  • Aligning your life so that motivation is easy
  • You have to want it
  • What to do when motivation doesn’t come naturally
  • Changing your attitude
  • Darryl and Victor’s personal strategies and advice on motivation

This is a don’t miss episode and we look forward to your comments.

Thanks to Rudy Project for their continued support of our show.  This edition is brought to you by Rudy and we’re featuring their line up of great cycling helmets this time around.



We’d also like to send out a special thank you to Jaybird and Jenson USA for their support with our Cycling 360 podcast as well.

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  1. Daniel Dong says

    The suggestion to replace your helmet every five years even without any kind of impact is one that gets repeated often. But there’s no data out there to support the suggestion, everyone just repeats it. Here’s a link to one of the few studies, actually the only one I could find, on the subject of old helmets. . I replace my helmet around ~6 years just because new helmets are nice :>). But the “need” is still an interesting topic.

    Daniel D.

  2. Link to Strava club?

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