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How to improve your hill climbing skills

We’ve dedicated an entire show to everyone’s favorite subject….Climbing.  Yeah, we know we might not all love to climb but it is a part of cycling and something that all of us eventually have to face no mater what style or level of rider we are.

The topic of climbing is a whole lot more involved than one might think and the Cycling 360 boys could have went on forever talking about various aspects of this subject.  This just might be the best and most informative Cycling 360 podcast ever.

Tune in and find out about:

  • The mental and physical aspects of the climb and how to overcome any personal difficulties
  • The proper way to do Hill Repeats
  • The secret guru mind tricks
  • Gearing, Cadence, and how it affects your climb
  • The Power to Weight Ratio and how to make it work for you
  • Should you be in or out of the saddle?
  • Tips and Techniques to help train for climbs

You really don’t want to miss this one.  Tune in and start improving your climbing today.

Here is the video Victor mentions about being one with the hill

Tip: Get the lead out – Drop weight and climb faster

Tip: Use more of your saddle when climbing

Tip: When the going gets tough use your head

Tactics: Sliding back

Tactics: Break up with your climb

Tactics: Vertical head trips


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  1. Joe Young says

    what goes up must come down…I find myself more nervous on the descent than the climb. i figure I’ll get up the hill one way or the other, even if I have to walk LOL, but going downhill, I find myself saying ‘oh boy, here we go again’. i feel I am going way too fast and braking too much, and don’t feel I have a good grasp on it at all. can you possibly discuss this topic on a future show?

    • Hey Joe, Yes we are going to be recording a skills show and I will have a whole series of tips and available 1 on 1 camps if you want to work with a coach directly. – Coach Rob

  2. Guillermo Grande says

    Posted too soon. We do find an intermediate step for climbing is to serpentine or “s” turn your way up. Traffic and safety is a big concern and this is better with a least two riders: uphill rider does ” car up” and downhill rider does “car back”. Best for country road hills.

  3. Guillermo Grande says

    Training up for a more exciting season this year and found this podcast to be quite informative. Just completed a 1000 mile road trip (car not bike) and was able lists to quite a few casts. Looking forward to practicing some of the concepts discussed.

  4. I just did my first century today (metric) and there were A LOT of hills. So I listened to this show tonight and it was really helpful. For one thing, I saw a lot of people standing up on the hills. I only did this a couple of times, probably because I’m not strong enough, but I was glad to hear that this is not a requirement for good climbing.

    Another good thing I heard was about dropping weight to climb better. I’m one of the ones who was already thinking I need a more expensive bike, but I could also stand to drop 30 pounds, so that will be a lot cheaper than a new bike and according to you guys I’ll get a lot more improvement to my weight/power ratio than I would with a more expensive bike.

    For right now, I’m just happy that I made it and didn’t have to get sagged in!

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