Tips for Triathletes and Multi-Sport Athletes

Become a better multi sport athlete

This week the Cycling 360 guys take on triathlons, duathlons, and discuss the cycling portion of these types of events.  The number of people taking part in multi-sport activities like this is continually increasing and there are many cyclists looking to expand their athleticism and take on the challenge.

Darryl, Victor, and Rob go over many of the aspects involved with the cycling aspects of these events, including the transitions that take place.  It’s been a little while since we focused on information for triathletes, but for any of you who are not looking to participate in a multi-sport event…be sure to tune in for information that can help you out with your cycling as well.

Listen to this podcast on tips for multi-sport athletes and find out:

  • Training to improve economy, speed and endurance
  • The importance of cadence, posture, and mindset
  • How to get your bike ready for the event, and when to do it
  • Sweet Spot Training
  • Tips to improve your transitions
  • The Negative Split
  • How to make the most of the bike portion and maximize your results
  • Plus the Quick Tip on pre event preparation for your multi-sport race

Additional Links:

Pacing for Triathlons and Cycling

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  1. Mike Drake says

    Good solid advice, have listen to podcast a few times, so I can fully digest. Keep it going boys.

    I’m forwarding your details to a prospective sponsor, what this space…..remember….O.

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