Transitioning From The Off Season With Coach Taylor Thomas

Are you ready for spring?

In this episode Darryl and Victor are once again joined by coach Taylor Thomas of Thomas Endurance Coaching to discuss transitioning from the offseason.

The offseason can be great and it can be terrible. Depending on where you live, most cyclists have some time in the year where it is difficult to ride as much as you would like. But, it is possible to use this off the bike time effectively to move you toward your goals.

In this episode we discuss:

How you should spend your off season:

  • Ways of training to keep your fitness level up
  • Benefits of time off the bike
  • Letting your body rest when you need to

What you can do before getting back on the bike:

  • Pacing yourself while you are ramping up into fitness
  • Building a good foundation of fitness
  • Avoiding injury during the transition
  • Forcing yourself to take it easy

How to get to full strength as fast as possible:

  • Purposeful riding with a mindful approach
  • Creating workouts to ramp you up
  • Where to focus your training
  • Understanding your body’s needs

Other considerations:

  • Nutrition and Diet


Taylor Thomas

Taylor Thomas is a dedicated endurance athlete with over a decade of experience as a competitive cyclist. He’s been involved in all facets of the sport, from working professionally with top brands like Trek and Specialized, founding race teams, organizing events, and personally competing at all levels. His racing background includes road, cyclocross, triathlon and ultra endurance events that push the body and mind to their limits. Taylor enjoys sharing what he’s learned as a pro mountain biker with his athletes to help them achieve their goals. As a USAC and Training Peaks Level 2 certified coach he’s gained not only the scientific knowledge, but the real world knowhow necessary to help athletes balance life and training. When he’s not on his bike he can be found on long trail runs or rock climbing in the mountains with his wife and dogs.

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