Aero Upgrades

Aero Upgrades for Cyclists

We’ve discussed Aerodynamics and ways to make yourself more aero on your bike in the past, but we’ve built a show entirely around this subject so that all the information you need can be found in one place.

This is a podcast on aero upgrades for any level of cyclist, including duathletes, triathletes, and time trialers.

The idea for this show came from one of our readers who we’ve worked with in the past.   He had this to say about the aero information he obtained:

“Having good equipment and knowledge, and the fitness to use it, made for an amazing season.  Thank you for your help.  The information techniques you shared on getting aero has improved my racing more than anything I’ve learned in the past.”

Tune into this podcast on Aero Upgrades for information on:

  • The best bang for your dollar when it comes to aero upgrades
  • The difference in power between a road bike and time trial bike
  • Can cables and housing really make you more aero?
  • An aerodynamic helmet just might be your best investment
  • Bike fit and positioning to improve aerodynamics
  • Clothing and wind resistance
  • Plus the Cycling 360 quicktip on aerodynamic functionality, and more

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