Online Resources for Cyclists

Online Resources for cyclists

The amount of online resources for cyclists is staggering, and with so many options out there it’s sometimes difficult to know which will help you most with your cycling….and which are a complete waste of time.  Darryl and Rob talk about everything from online data tracking to virtual coaching and more in this cycling 360 podcast.


Tune in for information and opinions on various online tools to help your cycling, including:

  • Which data tracking sites are recommended, and why.
  • How online resources have made virtual coaching and bike fits possible.  Are they worth doing?
  • How using social media the right way can improve your cycling.
  • The correlation between improved data collection methods and online resources.
  • Plus the Cycling 360 Quick Tip and more.

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Cyclists are Champions 

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  1. Ted Ganiron says

    I have a Wahoo bike setup too, and I love it as well!!
    Great show, keep up the good work., You guys are all inspiring and make me want to be a better cyclist.

  2. Awesome show guys. See you didn’t need the guru? Any tips on training for the wilderness 101? I really wanna complete it but don’t want to stop running, lifting, and swimming. Thanks again for the podcast

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