3 Great European Cycling Locations for Families

Most people have a pretty sedentary life right now.  You drive to work, sit all day, and then come home and sit in front of the TV.  Why not spend your vacation doing something a little bit more active?  Going on a cycling adventure with the family is a great way to spend your vacation.  You can share the triumphs of struggling up the difficult hills, create lasting memories, and it is a great way for children to build self discipline and confidence. It also burns tons of calories so you can eat as much of the fabulous local food as you want.   Here are three great locations to plan your next family cycling adventure.



Cycling in Crete is a wonderful family experience.  You will encounter different surfaces of roads so a mountain bike or hybrid is usually provided.  You will cycle past olive groves, vineyards, small villages of striking white houses, the beautiful Mediterranean Coast, and Minoan ruins like Knossos and Malia. The views are thrilling and the fresh seafood is fabulous and sure to satisfy the big appetite you have worked up. Crete can be quite hilly so make sure that everyone in the family is fit before starting off on your trek. And if oyu fancy splahing out you can stay at the amazing Domes of Elounda resort.


Brittany is a fantastic place for cycling with varied scenery, moderate weather, and a unique mix of cultures and traditions.  Most of the people living in Brittany are of Cornish, Welsh, or Irish descent.  There are eight cycling paths and most of them are suitable for families.  You can ride along the coast and its varied scenery including vertical cliffs with huge boulders nestled beneath them, broad expanses of golden sand, and defenses left over from World War II.  Some of the other routes include riding along the Canal de Nantes à Bres which links Roscoff to Nantes and includes 238 locks and many works of art.  You can also ride along old train track paths and Expect to see houses here that are between 300 and 500 years old, small villages, bustling market towns, lakes, and apple orchards.  Galettes (crêpes) are very popular here and they are made from heavy buckwheat flour and filled with things like fresh seafood, locally grown beef and pork and fresh local vegetables


Andalusia is a rocky, sunny area on the south coast and there are many great areas for family cycling. Montecorto is one of the areas and you can stay in a villa with a pool the whole time and do daily excursions of roughly 40 km each day. You can also take trip starting from Ronda where the guide will adjust the route to the ability of your family.  There are rides that go along the railway track which ensure that the grade is not too steep, and most routes stay away from traffic.  You can expect to see waterfalls, tunnels built into rock, ancient viaducts, and houses that have been built into the side of cliffs.

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