Cycling Training Zones

Cycling Training Zones

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how hard to train in your bike?  In this edition of the Cycling360 Podcast, we go over training zones and explain how to get more from your training by using them.

Training zones are valuable when you know how to use them properly, and in this podcast we go over the aspects involved with what they are and how to effectively incorporate them into your cycling training.

This podcast includes:

  • Description of the three types of training zones and graded efforts
    • Perceived Exertion
    • Heart Rate Training Zones
    • Power Training Zones
  • A detailed description of each zone and what it feels like
  • What does using training zones address in an athletes’ fitness or performance?
  • What you need to measure training zones
  • Applying training zones….even if you don’t race
  • How to determine what your unique training zones are
  • Which test protocol is right for me?
  • All this, the Cycling 360 Quicktip, and much more on Training Zones

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