Strength Conditioning and Riding

The 2013 cycling season has already begun for many cyclists around the world, but it’s not too late to add in some strength training if you didn’t do it during the off season.

0Hey guys, it’s Darryl here and I recently did a post about this over at, and wanted to share the idea here as well.

Many of us going into the off season with good intentions of preparing ourselves to be faster and stronger when Summer begins.  But if the months just sort of flew by and you didn’t actually get to that off season training, don’t fret.  You can still incorporate it into your routine right now.  There are a lot of great workout programs for cyclists available that help take out the guess work and ensure that you make the most of your time and energy.

By adding a strength and conditioning program to your weekly routine, you can mix it in along with your cycling.  I recommend alternating between riding and the workout program…but getting in four rides and two workouts per week is fine as well.  Just try not to do the strength workouts back to back.

Stick with it, and as the season progresses you’ll find yourself getting stronger with less aches and pains.  Ride strong this Summer.


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