Pacing for Cycling and Triathlons

The importance of Pacing

Whether your someone who competes in cycling, triathlons, duathlons, or just rides recreational….knowing how to pace yourself will make you a better cyclist.

In this Cycling 360 podcast we talk about what pacing is and how it applies to your cycling.  In this episode you’ll hear a lot of great information and tips on how to improve your pacing and the best ways to measure and keep on top of it.  It’s a very importance aspect that all cyclists should be aware of.

In this podcast you’ll hear about:

  • What is pacing and why should I care about it?
  • How to determine your pace
  • Triathlon specific information and tips to make you better
  • Perceived exertion
  • Technical and mathematical formulas to determine pace
  • Do I need a power meter?
  • What’s keeping you from obtaining the right pace?
  • Metrics: telemetry, benchmarks, and realistic goals
  • And many more pacing goodies

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