Keep Your Cycling Efficient

Are You an Efficient Cyclist?

Even the most experienced cyclists should devote some time to making sure they have covered the basics. Making sure you have the key points of being a good rider covered will improve your riding and, importantly, keep your riding efficient.

This episode answers some common questions on:


  • How far can you go gauging your position by yourself and when is it time to go to a pro?
  • How do you tell if something is wrong with your bike fit? What do you do when something is wrong?
  • How often and how do you know when you need to go back to a bike fitter?
  • What positions are best to use on your bike?


  • How do I know what gear ratios are best for me?
  • How can gear problems affect your performance?
  • I think I have the right gear, but what might I be missing?
  • Where can I save and where do I need to spend?


  • Should I be pedaling at a faster cadence?
  • How do I increase my cadence? 

And always remember that you and your riding style changes over time, so keep adjusting and keep riding!

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