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 Road Bike Storage

In this Cycling 360 Podcast we discuss storing your road bike and all the important considerations to keep in mind.  Whether it’s day to day or long term storage, we provide information and tips on storing your bike.

We own expensive bikes that are incredibly valuable to us and proper storage can make a world of difference in the longevity of your bicycle.  So join us on this podcast all about bicycle storage as we talk about:

  • Home storage
  • Busting the myth of hanging a bike by hooks
  • Indoor storage racks
  • Limited space issues and what to do
  • Short term storage checklist
  • Long term storage checklist
  • Weather implications
  • Avoiding damage
  • Proper leaning techniques
  • And a whole lot more
Photo of the superstand rack

This is the superstand rack that Victor mentioned. The podcast producer, Max in the background.

Additional Links:

Homemade Bicycle Rack Shelf

Victor has an online self paced class that teaches you about storing your bike an overall basic bicycle maintenance.

Here is the link to the class for more info


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  1. Tim Martin says

    Store a bike?! Blasphemy! Never!

    Well, I just put my one (1) bike on my trainer and ride year round. I guess when I am permitted to have another bike (please, please, please ….), I will certainly use your suggestions for storage. Or just keep riding year round.

    Great podcast guys. Glad to hear you back “on the air”!


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