Riding in The Rain

Cycling in the Rain

Have you experienced a period in your cycling when it seems like every time you try to go for a ride it’s raining?  What can you do to get in those much needed bike miles?  Victor and Rob discuss the topic of cycling in the rain and provide feedback, comments, and tips on how to make your way through it.

Speaking of rain, what are your thoughts about it?  Do you agree with the information the guys bring up in the podcast.  What do you have to say on the subject?  Be sure to contact us and tell us your thoughts.

Be sure to listen in to this Cycling 360 podcast and find out everything you wanted to know (and more) about riding in the rain:

  • Clothing choices for rainy weather
  • Oils and ointments for when it’s wet
  • Fluid and food choices
  • Knowing when its “too wet” to ride
  • Time and distance for rainy conditions
  • Rainy weather preparations (Tires, Rims, Pedals, Bar Tape, Saddle, Drive Train)
  • How cyclists can insure a safer ride or race in the rain
  • Bikes and hydroplaning
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  1. After I listened to this podcast it made me so paranoid I took my rain gear with me on a clear day …. it rained 60mins into the ride. Thanks guys.

  2. Thanks for the Florida specific wet riding tips: railroad tracks, bridges, oil slicks, pot holes, I have opportunity to cross all of the above. Hurricance season is coming up (wet and windy). Thanks also for saving me from wasting money on rain gear.

  3. I rode one double century in 2011, where it rained for half of the ride. I was on Hwy 175, and the sky opened, and it poured. It rained so hard, I stopped for 3 minutes for it to slow down. I figured, I was already wet, so why not stop, get more wet, but at least I’ll be able to see in front of me.

    I concur with you … once you’re out there, just keep riding, as long as you’re not in a hailstorm.

  4. Josue Torres says

    I live in Florida and the biggest problem with the rain in Florida is not so much the rain, but the lightning that come with it. The scariest experience on a bike for me was not with a car, or crashing on the side of the road, it was with a lightning bolt that landed about an eight of a mile from me and the electrostatic electricity reached me and gave me a mild shock, not pleasant!!!

    • I have had the same thing happen. It was not pleasant at all. Unfortunately we get what we think are just rain showers that turn into thunderstorms. I have had to wait it out on some unsuspecting home owner’s porch in the past and call to get picked up before getting struck! – Coach Rob

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