The Bicycle Fit

All about bicycle fitting

Not everyone knows about what exactly a bike fit is, but those who do sure know the beauty and importance of them.  Our Cycling 360 crew is lucky to have one of the best professional bike fitters on the planet and in this podcast, Victor (the Guru), tells us all about it.  With over 20 years experience as a bike fitter, Victor has seen it all and explains all of this and more in this Cycling 360 episode:

  • Who should get a bike fit?
  • When do you know it’s time to get a bike fit?
  • Success stories that have come from receiving a great fit.
  • Overview of what is entailed in a bike fit and how long it takes.
  • Where to find a good bike fitter.
  • And so much more

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Video of: Road and Triathlon Bicycle Fitting on Robitic Fitting Bike






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  1. Belizean TCR says:

    Just listened to the podcast…excellent info. The guru suggests getting “off the shelf” insoles, does he mean Dr. Scholls or more like eSoles eFit or Soles custom footbeds? If not Dr. Scholls, which insole would be recommended?

    • Hi Felizr,

      Victor means eSoles. They are a fantastic heat moldable footbed. Visit Victor’s website and reach out to him as he is a distributor if I am not mistaken. He set me up with a set and they have done wonders for my foot pain since he discovered that I have a fallen arch. – Coach Rob

  2. Nicholas V. says:

    I listened to many of your podcasts and love them. Keep up the work, people are listening and appreciate it.

    I have a quick question:
    1) When are you supposed to get a professional fit, before you have bought a bike or after?


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