Magic of the morning ride

Magical Morning RideIn today’s quick tip Darryl talks about the magic of the morning ride. ┬áHe feels there is something magical in the air when out riding just as the night turns into day, and also explains how the same sort of feeling can be experienced for those who don’t like early morning rides.

Have a listen as Darryl explains the Pay Yourself First concept and how it applies to cycling, plus more comments on how to recharge your body and soul.

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  1. Yep. Best way to start a day. I try to do about 2 a week in during the warmer months. Feels so good to have 3 hrs in the saddle done before 10am .

  2. Dan Spangler says

    This the absolute truth! My most memorable was the multiple laps of Kelley’s Island, Labor Day weekend 2011, starting @ 5:30 am & watching the sun rise over Lake Erie.

  3. Mark Schultz says

    Couldn’t agree more. Myself & 3 others started doing this two seasons ago. At first I hated the thought of getting up at 4:30 to meet up at 5:00 for an hour and a half ride. But by the time we were half way through we were making plans to do it again two days later. We now love our morning rides. Some are training & some are laid back, ALL are definately magical and make any day better.

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