What to aim for in your cycling?

How can you keep on improving your cycling?

Take a bigger picture of your life when you want to take your cycling to a new level.Front wheel

Often we read articles or listen to podcasts and feel that we need  to set this x goal or that y goal in order to improve your cycling.

How you can find what riding goal can work best for your lifestyle

Incorporating your family into your riding events

Lastly in this tip Victor reiterates some common sense ideas on how to fine your next target in your cycling


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  1. Great insight. This has always been my philosophy on exercise. You have to find an activity that works best for you. Something that you get excited about.

    I’ve tried running. I know I should enjoy it. On paper it makes sense for me to do. But it is not my cup of tea.

    The amazing thing about cycling is that cycling does not define you. You define your cycling. I live right up against the foothills of Boulder Colorado so I love to climb hills on the road.

    Great advice to follow your bliss in the vast rainbow that is bike riding.


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