Cycling and Sustainability

We offer something a little different in this podcast, but we think you’re going to enjoy it.  Darryl and Victor are joined by Rob Greenfield who recently completed a cross country bicycle tour across the United States in an effort to promote sustainability.  You are not going to believe all he went through on this trip.

It truly is a remarkable story…but you’re probably wondering how this fits in with our Cycling 360 mission of making you a better cyclist.  Well, you’re just going to have to trust us on this one.  Not only will it help make you a better cyclist….but a better person as well.

Have a listen and find out more about cycling adventures, sustainability, and touring:

  • Why did Rob cycle hundreds of miles in bare feet and with no saddle?
  • What?  He carried all his trash with him along the way?
  • How did Rob prepare for this trip and what tips does he have to offer you?
  • Is cycling part of living a sustainable life?  What else is a part of it?
  • Plus some incredible stories and information on what Rob’s next cycling adventure consists of.

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