Triathlon vs Road Bikes

Road or Triathlon Bike which is Best?

It’s a question that our co-host Victor gets asked each and every day… I need a Tri bike if I’m doing triathlons?

If you’ve been asking yourself this same question, you’ll want to tune into this podcast and join Darryl and Victor as they go over every angle in this podcast on triathlon bikes.  Even if you already have a tri bike, you’ll find what the guys have to say very informative and we’re sure there are some great tips for you to take away.  Maybe you’re like Darryl and have never been overly interested in triathlons……even he found this one interesting.

Listen in and find out:

  • The differences between a tri and road bike
  • The natural progression of moving into a tri bike (this one is huge)
  • Victor’s mega tip on what to do before getting a triathlon bike
  • What makes a tri bike a triathlon bike
  • Can aero bars help me?
  • Clip on Aero Bars vs a tri bike
  • What not to do if going on a group ride
  • Is there a difference between a tri bike and time trial bike?
  • Do I need a road bike and a tri/tt bike?

All this, the Cycling 360 Quick Tip, and more.

Additional Links:

Article on how position can make you faster

Tips for Triathletes

Pacing for Triathlons

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  1. How many bikes must one afford?
    Can a road bike be used as a commuter as well?
    Will I be able to use my saddle bags or wear a back pack?
    Also, will I still be able to use my short cuts through grass and clay?

  2. If I don’t take my hands off the handlebars, I can’t shift. I ride an older Cannondale with downtube shifters. From one perspective, it is just one of those skills you have to practice. On the other hand, I am sure I shift less often than I should. There is one road of rollers I ride sometimes. I tend to take that section like I am on a single speed – just get in a good gear and make it work.

    A coupe of times when out of town, I have rented a more modern bike with Shimano 105 (once 2×10 and once 3×9). I really liked it. I am planning to get a new bike and I am planning to get Shimano Ultegra 3×10 shifters. I sometimes pull a BOB trailer and I want the low gears for that.

  3. Interesting and good information.

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