Washing and Maintaining Your Bike


Learn How to wash and maintain your  bike

How often do you clean and maintain your bike?  Do you know the best method to clean and maintain your bike? It seems so simple, but a lot of cyclists don’t maintain their bikes as well as they should….and when they do, the don’t know the best way to do it.

In this podcast the Cycling 360 boys provide a whole lot of fantastic knowledge and tips to make sure your bike stays in mint condition.  A basic clean and check only takes a couple minutes, so be sure to find out what should be done after each ride and how often a major clean should be done.  The Bike Guru also shares some unique strategies to make the most out of your washing and maintaining.

Have a listen and find out:

  • What needs to be cleaned
  • When and how often you should clean your bike
  • Best absolute best methods for cleaning (do what the pros do)
  • The Quickie Clean and the Major Spa Treatment
  • A walk through the washing process
  • Chain cleaning techniques and tips
  • What to do after wash
  • What to lubricate on your bike
  • And so, so, so much more important information
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  1. Nathan Walker says

    I recently listened to the Washing and maintaining your bike podcast. This made me feel very industrious and I decided to give my bike a well deserved spa treatment.

    I have a question and an observation. First the question.
    This is more of a cosmetic issue than maintainence, but how would you keep white cables sheath white? I wanted to get your advice before I go at it with some sort of abrasive polish.

    Second, the observation.
    You said that the last thing you clean is the drive train. This is obviously so that you don’t get black grease on a nice shiny frame. But the next time you wash your bike that black grease gets everywhere. What I have done is clean the brush with ordinary dish washing detergent. I understand that this stuff may not be the best for aluminium bicycle components, but it is great for getting drive train grease out of the cleaning brush.

    Thanks for such an interesting and informative pod cast.

    • Hi Nathan,

      I have typically used Windex and even an orange degreaser on a clean rag to clean whit cables. If this doesn’t get them clean it maybe time to replace your cables.

      – Coach Rob


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