Self Massage for Cyclists

How Self Massage can Help You as a Cyclist

What’s the best thing to do for those aches that come along with being a cyclist?  Join us in this podcast as we discuss the various aspects of massage and what tools can be best used to help things out.  Just as a cyclist should continue to look after and maintain their bike, you should also be sure to take good care of your body as well.  Massage is just one of the aspects that goes into caring for and maintaining your body.

Have a listen to this podcast on massage as Darryl and Victor discuss:

  • What massage is and what purposes it has for a cyclist.
  • Suggested methods of self massage.
  • Foam rollers, “Torture Sticks”, Theracane, Balls, and other recommended massage tools for cyclists.
  • Low budget alternatives for self massage tools.
  • The benefits of TP Therapy.
  • How stretching interacts with massage.
  • When is the best time for self massage?
  • All this, the Cycling 360 quick tip, and so much more.

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  1. Keith Edmiston says

    Hey guys…great podcast. First, let me say that it was indeed informative, even in Rob’s absence (LOL). I appreciate you guys making the time for this. Secondly, my wife (a runner) and I (a cyclist) recently purchased the TP products and love/hate them. They do indeed “get to the point” and cause a little pain along the way. But great products! The IT bands for both of us have caused problems and the TP stuff gets it done.

    Thanks again for the podcast…keep up the good work!

  2. Kevin Miller says

    Hey Daryl, Rob, and Victor, I really enjoy your podcast, and have listened to it every week since its inception. It motivates me, and has made my bicycling more enjoyable and productive. Your three different perspectives compliment each other in each discussion. I am very pleased that your podcast is successful and is flourishing.
    I do have one comment that keeps coming up for me. As a doctor and as just a critical listener, I try to base my actions on what the best evidence shows. When I hear a recommendation that every bicyclist should self massage every day, I cringe. Massage is very helpful for some people, but there is no contolled evidence that widespread use of massage would reduce injuries or improve performance. Like several other recommendations that you have made, it would be more appropriate to say something less absolute, like “Many people benefit from self massage. You ought to try it to see if it helps you.”
    The other problem with making absolute statements is that it can take away the spontaneity and freedom of bicycling.

    • Hi Kevin,

      First thank you very much for listening and writing a comment.

      I will plead ignorance on the show as I wasn’t on this particular one. I agree with you on the “Have To” statements. Massage when used appropriately can do all athletes great good. When overdone or used to often can exasperate problems. I was recently speaking with a running store owner and coach about the proper ways to use a foam roller and “stick” for myofacial release when he surprised me with some direction for use. He was watching me use a foam roller and immediately saw that I was going into my protracted routine and asked me if anything was popping out as a hot spot and I said no. He then asked me then why do you continue to use the foam roller on that portion of your body. So the lesson was to use the roller and stick sparingly and gently on hot spots.

      – Coach Rob

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